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If your business has a commercial kitchen, the EnergyRight Business & Industry Program can help you identify energy solutions that are right for you. These solutions may help to lower operational costs, by improving efficiencies, maintenance or product losses. We offer incentives to switch from gas by upgrading to commercial qualified electric equipment for food preparation, using ENERGY STAR® products when applicable.

Additional incentives are available to offset associated wiring, covering up to 100% of wiring and installation costs. Wiring incentives are capped at 50% of the equipment incentive amount.

Standard incentives for food service equipment are open to all commercial and industrial participants subject to eligibility requirements and funding availability. Pre-approval IS required before you purchase or install new food service equipment. The final incentive is based on installed equipment and efficiency requirements. If the equipment you wish to install is not displayed in this table, your project may qualify for custom incentives.

Frying with the power of electricity

  • Electric fryers have quicker preheating and recovery times than their gas counterparts because they directly heat the oil, not the kettle.
  • Faster recovery means higher production while optimizing flavor and appearance, even during peak serving times.
  • Under idle conditions, electric fryers can use two-thirds less energy than gas fryers.
  • Electric fryers reduce oil replacement and disposal costs. Their deep “cold zone” in the kettle reduces oil scorch from heavy breading.
  • Fat breakdown and boil-off are reduced when using an electric fryer due to its ability to operate at lower temperatures than a gas fryer.
  • Heat shields are not needed and allow additional flexibility for the kitchen layout.
  • Lower operating temperatures introduce less waste heat into the kitchen, keeping kitchen staff more comfortable and reducing air- conditioning costs.
  • Electric fryers typically last longer than gas fryers, further reducing the total cost of ownership.

Receive incentives for switching to an efficient electric fryer

TVA EnergyRight® for Business & Industry offers programs and resources to help your company. The incentives are offered to help offset the cost of electrical equipment. Advancements in technology create opportunities to use electricity as an alternative to fossil fuel.

New facility?

Don’t let the fast pace of new facility openings prevent you from considering the options and non-energy benefits available with electric fryers. Take the time to explore equipment options with a PPN member and ensure applications receive pre-approval before ordering equipment.

Replacing equipment?

Timing is essential when replacing equipment. If you have equipment failure or are scheduling a renovation, learn the conversion benefits now so that you will be prepared to make a switch from gas to electric.

Electric ovens

  • Electric ovens are generally less expensive to purchase, install and operate than gas or wood-fired models. They also take up less space and are more portable.
  • Electric ovens provide the greatest range of cooking methods and reach the desired temperature the fastest.
  • They are also able to achieve much higher temperatures and more evenly distribute that heat, yielding products that are more consistent in appearance, texture and taste.
  • Electric ovens deliver dry heat that is perfect for roasting, unlike the moist heat of gas ovens.
  • Because electric units are more efficient overall, they introduce less waste heat into the kitchen, keeping cooking staff more comfortable and reducing air-conditioning costs.
  • Electric ovens require less ventilation than gas ovens, making them particularly appropriate for older buildings, or in cities with regulations related to ventilation and zoning.
  • The absence of carbon monoxide also supports employee health and safety.
  • View additional pdf resources on electric ovens.

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