Bringing electric bill relief to Nashville’s urban housing

Every month, too many residents have to make a choice between paying an energy bill or putting food on the table. It’s why we work with local power companies to make energy education and housing weatherization programs possible—so residents with limited means have the tools to lower their energy costs.

These programs have helped a lot of single-family homes. But they’ve yet to reach families in multifamily residences. Over the past year, we’ve worked alongside Nashville Electric Service (NES) to change that. 

The Community Power Challenge is an energy assistance pilot program designed for low-income, multifamily properties. Through site assessments, monthly coaching, energy fairs, education, tracking and rewards for energy saving, it brings financial relief to the residents and property owners alike. 

“Our intention is to address the needs of all our customers, which is why we are excited to educate those in low-income, multifamily homes on energy efficiency through a variety of free programs that we hope will make a difference in more communities.” —Decosta Jenkins, NES president and CEO 

On November 6, 2019, the community came together to celebrate a year of energy education and empowerment. 


The Home Energy Workshop Team


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