Chill out with our commercial refrigeration incentives.

Reduce energy costs and food waste with refrigeration incentives from TVA EnergyRight® and your local power company. We’re offering incentives of $50 for electronically commutated motors (ECMs), $200 for fan controllers and $100-$200 per linear foot for high-efficiency reach-in cases.

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Helping grocery stores, restaurants, food processors, hotels, hospitals, schools and more save on refrigeration costs.

Benefits of upgrading your refrigeration systems.

  • Reduce energy consumption.

  • Lower maintenance costs.

  • Reduce food waste.

  • Lower energy costs.

  • Minimize downtime.

  • Improve customer experience.

What’s eligible for the refrigeration incentive?

The refrigeration incentive from TVA EnergyRight requires pre-approval and applies to select systems.

NOTE: Replacement of motor(s) not directly related to refrigeration may be eligible through the custom incentive offering. All refrigeration incentive projects require pre-approval. DO NOT purchase, remove or install any equipment until all pre-approval requirements have been completed and a formal Application Approval Notice has been received via email. Eligible for installation of ECMs and evaporator fan controllers on existing equipment only.

Let’s get started.

To learn more about how to apply for a refrigeration incentive or any of our incentive offerings, check out our incentive application guide.

Apply through the Preferred Partners Network (PPN).

To apply for this incentive, you must work with a PPN member.
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