Ready for the peaks.
Ready for the Valley.

Demand Response is a flexible, proven solution from TVA EnergyRight® that helps keep electricity costs low and increases reliability throughout our seven-state Valley region.

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What is Demand Response?

It’s a partnership with businesses and local power companies in our region that helps TVA access cleaner, more affordable power, on demand. By curtailing – or reducing – the demand for electricity during certain time periods, Demand Response programs can also lower energy costs by reducing the need to generate electricity from high-cost fuel sources.

It’s a win for you, too, because your company receives a financial credit for performing.

The power of Demand Response.

Discover how your business can save on energy costs, help keep electricity rates low, promote a balanced grid and improve reliability in our region. Learn more about the green energy resource that has delivered over half a billion dollars in energy savings and bill credits to its participants.

How Demand Response works.

Our flexible Demand Response programs help Business & Industry customers like you save on energy costs while increasing reliability in our seven-state region.

It’s extra powerful.

Demand Response programs offer peace of mind by balancing the power grid. Instead of constructing costly power plants to meet occasional peaks, Demand Response helps keep electricity costs low by temporarily reducing electricity use in exchange for a credit on your power bill.

Demand Response programs.

Good for our region and good for your bottom line.

Save money with Demand Response.

Demand Response offers flexible solutions to fit your business. Complete this form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how your company can earn credits or recurring payments by participating in Demand Response!

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“We were amazed by how quickly users found our charging stations and the monthly usage volume has far exceeded our expectations. We are proud to play a part in building the Fast Charge Network.”
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Proven performance. Major impact.


Portfolio performance

1,628 MW

Average demand reduction


Equivalent to approximately 2.5 combustion turbine plants

NOTE: Based on 12-month rolling average as of Oct 2023. ‎

The cleanest energy is the energy we save.