Lift profits and lower emissions with our electric forklift incentive.

Expand your existing electric forklift fleet or switch from gas forklifts to electric with help from incentives from TVA EnergyRight® and your local power company. Save up to $2,000 on new or refurbished forklifts or save up to $1,000 when leasing an electric forklift.

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It pays to go electric: Benefits of electric forklifts.

Making the switch from internal combustion forklifts to Class I or Class II electric forklifts is as smart as it is easy.

  • Reduce fuel costs by up to 80%.

  • Improve maneuverability.

  • Reduce tire wear.

  • 90% fewer moving parts.

  • Eliminate on-site combustible fuel storage.

  • Safer, quieter workplace.

  • Lower operating costs.

  • Instantaneous lifting power.

  • Zero site emissions.

Electric forklift incentive eligibility and requirements

We’re helping businesses in the region offset the cost of switching to electric forklifts with energy efficiency incentives. Expand your existing electric fleet or switch from gas forklifts to electric and save!

  • A $2,000 incentive is available for the purchase of a new or refurbished Class 1 [counterbalance] or Class 2 [narrow aisle] electric forklift.

  • A $1,000 incentive is available for the lease of a new or refurbished Class 1 [counterbalance] or Class 2 [narrow aisle] electric forklift.

  • Forklift incentives apply to fleet expansion or replacement of a Class 4 or Class 5 internal combustion forklift.

  • Incentives are NOT available for Class 3 or when replacing electric forklifts.

  • All projects require preapproval.

  • DO NOT purchase, remove or install any equipment until all preapproval requirements are completed and a formal Application Approval Notice has been received via email.

  • Subject to funding availability. Additional rules may apply.

Let’s get started.

To learn more about how to apply for the forklift incentive or any of our incentive offerings, check out our incentive application guide.

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