It’s cool to save with our thermal ice storage incentive.

Thermal ice storage incentives from TVA EnergyRight® and your local power company are available at $9.00 per ton hour for partial storage and $11.00 per ton hour for full storage projects.

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Shift electric cooling operations to off-peak hours.

Thermal ice storage systems store chilled water or ice to cool your building during peak hours. Our thermal ice storage incentive helps businesses shift electric cooling operations to off-peak hours so you save money and reduce peak demand use.

Benefits of thermal ice storage systems

  • Improve energy efficiency.

  • Achieve your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

  • Reduce energy costs.

  • Control seasonal spikes in energy use

  • Highly compatible with Demand Response.

  • Reduce carbon emissions.

Thermal ice storage incentive requirements

For most businesses, cooling is a top energy expense, accounting for 40% of peak demand on hot days. Incorporating a thermal ice storage system during your project design phase, and choosing HVAC equipment that is right-sized for your facility, may allow you to reduce the nominal/installed chiller capacity as well as save on pumps, motors, fans and ductwork in conventional systems.

  • All projects require preapproval.

  • DO NOT purchase, remove or install any equipment until all preapproval requirements are completed and a formal Application Approval Notice has been received via email.

  • Detailed calculations are required.

  • Subject to funding availability. Additional rules may apply.

How to calculate your incentive.

Determine your total incentive rate using the (1,000 ton example) chart below. If you have questions about estimating your thermal ice storage needs, contact the operations center at 866-233-0450 for more information.

Design StrategyTon HoursIncentive Rate ($/ton/hours)Incentive Offer

Partial Storage




Full Storage




Let’s get started.

To learn more about how to apply for the thermal ice storage incentive or any of our incentive offerings, check out our incentive application guide.

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