We’re fueling electric transportation.

Invest in your community by going electric.
Electric vehicles (EVs) are fueled with locally produced
energy and they’re better for the environment.

Woman getting into electric vehicle

The future of transportation is here. And it’s electric.

90 years ago, TVA electrified our seven-state service territory, making the Valley a better place to live. Today, TVA EnergyRight is electrifying transportation because driving an EV can improve air quality by lowering emissions. They can also help you save on fuel costs!

Woman smiling in electric vehicle

Helping people make smart choices about EVs.

EVs offer significant environmental and economic benefits to the region. In keeping with TVA’s mission to make life better for the people in our communities, TVA EnergyRight helps drivers make informed decisions about electric transportation.

Explore our site to learn all about EVs, compare vehicles and find a fast charger for your next road trip.


Accelerating EV adoption.

More people are touring towns on electric scooters, commuting in electric cars, off-roading on electric ATVs, and taking their kids to school on electric bikes than ever before. Visit our blog for answers to your questions and then watch our video series to see how fun and practical EVs can be. Find a Ride and Drive event to see what the EV buzz is all about!

EV truck driving through mud

Spark change. Drive electric.

Find new and used EVs and filter them by range, budget,
seating capacity and more. Or, compare EVs with gas-powered
vehicles to find out how much you can save on gas each month.

Woman putting up home EV charger

Wake up charged up.

A whopping 80%* of EV owners take advantage of our TVA’s low
electricity rates and schedule their cars to charge at home
overnight. With Level 2 home charging, you’ll wake up to a full charge!

Get charged up on the go.

Not at home? We have you covered. Charging up on the road is getting easier every day. We’re collaborating with local power companies, state agencies, and other organizations to expand the charging infrastructure by creating the Fast Charge Network and by installing off-grid solar fueling stations at select TVA visitor centers.

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